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My Proposed thesis statement for the upcoming is "Will you continue to fall victim to
this smart phone craze or will you decide to give your brain a break and put it down."
I created this because it given the readers something to think about. It also give the
reader an idea of what my writing will be about. I included information from the
original article in my introduction paragraph to back my thesis. I ensured that I
placed the thesis in my introduction paragraph because the thesis give an idea of
the topic. wanted to pick something that would stand out and catch the readers eye.
The thesis is also supposed to be short but yet informative. So I feel like that
statement that I composed gave both of those. I also believe that it makes the
reader want to keep reading. The thesis is one of the most important part of an
informative essay, so ensuring that the placement, wording, and length is
appropriate for the essay. I believe that my statement will be very e"ective.
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