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Welcome to the rst week of ENG/100. This week, you begin to explore how you feel
about writing, in both personal and academic settings, and you get to practice in
both areas.
Beginning this week and in each week of the course, you will do some writing in a
journal (either typed or hand-written). Don’t panic! These entries won’t be graded,
but they are required so you begin to build a habit of writing and can get more
comfortable with the process.
The writing skills inventory this week gives you a chance to consider where you feel
strong about writing and where you feel you need support. And you will nd links to
specic tools and resources to help you improve your writing, no matter your skill
Tip: As you approach this week’s reading assignments, be sure to note the specic
page ranges within each chapter for you to read. Of course, you can read the entire
chapter if you want to, but the assignments are only for specic pages.
Jump into this rst week, share your thoughts, begin your writing practice, and reach
out to your faculty member if you have any questions or concerns. Happy writing!
he best way I learn is verbal and kinesthetic. So, I prefer using words or getting some
hands on learning. Reading instructions or having something verbally taught to me.
With technology these days it is harder to get access to actual hands on learning
experiences. Some strategies that I have learned that support my study of reading
and writing is that when you are reading it is important to make annotations of take
notes this can help you during the writing process. The writing process includes plan,
pre-write, draft, revise/edit, and nal draft. As I begin to write I know that these steps
leading to the nal draft are vital to producing a quality paper. Something that I need
to improve on is my formatting. Even if I use MLA or APA templates, I still feel like I
docked points for using the wrong formatting. I think it would be important to really
understand what parts of the formatting that I am doing wrong.
The knowledge I have about myself is that I am an auditory and visual learner. The
strategies I have learned to support my reading and writing are to pace myself in a
quiet environment. The strengths I bring to the table as I begin to write are still in
the works as I learn to develop a more reliable writing structure. Any areas I need to
improve on is my ability to transmute my thoughts into writing. I like to follow what I
learned all throughout high school and college which is either the APA or MLA format
that consists of a thesis, supporting paragraphs, conclusion, etc. An essential part of
the writing and learning process for me is to brainstorm and extensively elaborate
and write out my thoughts before I iterate that into an essay. Learning is something
that requires you to be adaptive because there are endless ways to interpret the
same information and di8erent parts of it will resonate in di8erent parts of the brain
for everyone and I hope to advance my understanding in this class.
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