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WK 1: Assignment - International Plastics, Inc. Infrastructure
This summary provides a general overview about the current IT infrastructure of International
Plastics Inc. and necessary upgrades needed for a better business improvement. The aim of this
summary is to highlight the necessary upgrades to IT infrastructure that will help in reducing
operation cost, increase speed, making compatible with future changes.
International Plastics Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and wholesale distributor of
specialized plastic items, beverage containers, and plastic fan accessories. Since 1964,
International Plastics has specialized in polyethylene film and bags.
Its’ corporate headquarters is in Greenville, South Caroline, US and has expanded to Albany
(US), Pontiac (US) and China. The US based International Plastics Inc are interconnected by
using Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure. The China headquarter is connected to US
headquarter through Ka band satellite link which is setup to handle an OC1 data rate with end-to-
end encryption. With the emerging business system changes and the new technology updates,
there is need to modify the existing IT infrastructure.
The company’s WAN is based on star topology system that connects every node to the central
system. Although it is very reliable but if a hub or switch fails, all devices connected to it will be
affected. Hence, a system upgrades should be implemented so that other devices will not be
affected if there a hitch in the system.
The company is using a 100base T backbone while the R&D function is using 1000base F
network. We need to upgrade 100baseT backbone to a 1000baseT BACKBONE utilizing a fiber
optic or 10G Ethernet backbone. The servers being used include WIN server, a WIN exchange
server, a UNIX server which hosts the corporate SAP ERP SW. This server needs to be updated
as they are outdated. The company need to upgrade its’ hard drive by purchasing Solid-State
Drive and Multi-Terabyte Hard Drive. The SSD hard drives are cost-effective, consumes low
power, reliable compared to floppy and memory cards and has a speed 400 times faster than
traditional drive. Operating an SSD hard drive will increase the storage capacity and speed of
reading data and reduce the cost of electricity. A Multi-Terabyte Hard Drive also increases
storage capacity, speed and cost-effective IT operation. The second part of the communications
environment is a router to provide a T3 connection through a firewall to the outside network. T3
line, also known as DS3 line is costly to maintain whereas T1 line is cost effective and also
supports advanced application as T3 line.
Hardware Upgrade Effect on the system
SSD Hard Drive Increases storage capacity
and speed, cost-effective
Multi-Terabyte Drive Increases storage capacity
and speed, cost-effective
10 Gigabit Ethernet Create a reliably fast
backbone, stores more data,
high speed
Smith, B.(2019).https://internet-access-guide.com/the-difference-between-t1-and-t3-lines
Course Hero()https://www.coursehero.com/file/p38ud0n/The-network-is-currently-using-a-
Good paper. I like that you include the table in the executive summary. You’ve met the
requirements for this assignment. In this assignment, we review the network and
infrastructure as a whole by focusing on information systems, enterprise applications,
mobile computing, data management, business intelligence, and security. The goal of
this review and redesign is to improve business performance and functionality while
keeping costs low, or e"ectively reducing costs and increasing pro#ts.
A few recommendations are to increase network speed in order to meet the current and
future growing demand. We will have a chance to talk more about networks in week 2
and week 3. The current information systems and enterprise applications do not support
interconnectivity between departments. It is crucial that certain data be connected and
shared between departments to enable a better (ow of operations. We should start
looking into consolidating separate systems into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
The current network infrastructure does not support mobile or cloud computing which is
very crucial in today's business. Try to research on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or
Google Cloud. This type of computing can allow the sharing of applications and
resources within the company and can save money on network and infrastructure
maintenance costs.
Implementing new data storage devices will be recommended in order to meet the
demand of a scalable network in the future. Business Intelligence (BI) software is
recommended since it can gather information about the company such as operations,
#nances, and network usage, and compile this data to provide valuable insight to
executive personnel. Finally, data security and network security is an integral part of
keeping an organization safe from loss, fraud, and/or malicious intent.
The content was thorough. The organization of the paper was easy to follow. The APA
format, spelling and other mechanics were good as well. However, please add your
name and course in the title page, keep the font consistent and review APA information.
To sum up this week, we learned the role of IS and IT in the business environment. We
also discussed how IS could improve business performance or even create new business
models that we have never seen before. This assignment provides an opportunity to
think of the importance of IT infrastructure that impacts business success. Please think
of what could have happened if IT infrastructure is not upgraded or outdated. What
impacts or damages would be for business and as someone in the IT profession, what
roles and responsibilities you could play in this. Keep up the good work!
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