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HRM 510 Business Employment Law
Week 5 Cases Resubmission
Case Analysis
Case One
Price Waterhouse vs. Hopkins 490 U.S.
Essentially, Price Waterhouse vs. Hopkins involved two parties; Anne Hopkins, a senior
manager at Price Waterhouse, and Price Waterhouse, a professional service firm (Justia,
After working for five years as a senior manager at Price Waterhouse, Anne
Hopkins was proposed for a partnership. However, Hopkins was denied partnership for
two consecutive years on the grounds that she did not conform to the partners' idea of how
a woman should look and act like. In other words, she did not conform to the partners'
stereotypes of women.$Hopkins sued the firm under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of
1964, 78 Stat. 253. She argued that Price Waterhouse had disseminated against her on the
basis of sex (The Oyez Project, n.d).
The central question in this particular case is whether or not the Court of Appeals
erred in requiring Price Waterhouse to prove with convincing evidence that it would have
reached the same decision if the discrimination had not played a role in the process?
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