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English Comp 2
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Unit 4 – Template for Paper Outline (Unit 4 Argumentave Essay [Phase 2] Submission)
NOTE: If subming the template, be sure to eliminate the direcons text below; only your own wring
should appear in the Submission assignment.
For the Unit 4 template: Keep the indents, Roman numerals, le#ers and numbers as they are.
I. Despite the negative outcomes of the United States supplying a universal health care
program, such as doctor shortages, long wait times, innovative technologies limited,
and limited services, the benefits of a universal health care program outweigh the
negative effects. There are several key points that make a universal health care program
II. Primarily, everyone is covered with the same insurance plans, despite their financial
a. The Union for International Cancer Control (2022) pointed out, "In a number of
countries, the cost of cancer treatment and care, including cancer drugs, has
pushed many cancer patients and their families to near bankruptcy" (para. 3).
i. A private health care system has remarkably high deductibles, while a
government-run health care system has more regulations with fixed
treatment costs.
III. In addition to health benefits, universal health care ensures that everyone gets the same
care. This results in a healthier workforce, greater life expectancy, and social equality
in society.
a. "In the United States, 46% of patients went to the emergency room for medical
services because that was the only place they could afford to go before the
Affordable Care Act was implemented"(Gaille, 2018)
i. Health care that is universal would benefit the entire population since most
people in a privatized health care system do not have access to primary
care physicians and preventative medicine.The third of the three main
points you’ll be arguing to support your thesis statement goes here.
ii. Explain why your citation is significant and how it helps prove your point.
Here, include the full reference citations for all of the sources you quoted/paraphrased above. Per
APA guidelines, these should be in alphabetical order.
*If you’re having trouble following the above links, try holding Control (ctrl) while you click.
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