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The term denial means repudiation, restriction, or impede. Denial of service (DoS) is the
inability to have access to service when needed. In the CIA traits, for example, we have
confidentiality, availability, and integrity. In this case of denial-of-service, availability is
impeded because of constraining such as natural disasters, humans, or equipment. Denial of
service could be caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, weather, epidemic,
human error attacks, accident a lot more to mention but a few (Paloalto). These factors can
cause service to be unavailable and disrupt operations if it affects data center, storage,
network, servers, VMware, and a lot more.
In the case of hackers, they invade the company’s network system and disrupt the activities
thereby flooding the network with automated search making it impossible for customers or
staff to do their job. Sometimes, companies have a Both types of attacks were on the rise in
Q3 2021. When compared with Q3 2020, the total number of DDoS attacks increased by
nearly 24%, and the total number of “smart” attacks increased by 31%. In fact, in August,
Kaspersky noted a record number of DDoS attacks in a single day:78,825 (Kaspersky).
One of the ways DoS can be fixed is through strengthening the security posture of the
company. A building data center in a different city, state, or country and have reserved power
supply in case of a power outage (Computer and electrical engineering). This has to do with
hardening all internet-facing devices to prevent vulnerability, by installing and updating
antivirus software, configuring firewalls to prevent DoS attacks, and following robust
security practices to monitor and manage unwanted traffic (Coursebook p 71).7
2.777777Alaeddine Mihoub, Ouissem, Ben Fredji, Omar Cheikhrouhou,
Abdelouahid Derhad, Moez Krichen. Computer and electrical
engineering, (Denial of service attack detection and mitigation)
Mach 2007.
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