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Character Cipher
One letter can be replaced by another letter in Character cipher. They are simple to use and
easy to crack. In Character cipher or Symbol ciphers, individual symbols are used in the
plaintext as the unit to encrypt or decrypt.
Block Cipher
Block cipher encrypts 64 or 128 or 256 bits at a time.
It uses data diffusion and confusion to encrypt plaintext.
Encryption of more bits at a time makes the decryption more complex in Block cipher.
To perform authenticated encryption for enhanced security, Block cipher is commonly used.
Stream Cipher
Stream cipher encrypts 1 byte at a time to convert plaintext to ciphertext.
It utilizes only the confusion principle to transform data, ensuring data confidentiality.
Stream cipher uses XOR operation on the plaintext to create ciphertext.
Stream ciphers are mostly used to encrypt data in applications where the amount of plaintext
cannot be determined and in low latency use-cases.
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