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When using threat modeling to secure a residence, the structure of the residence
including the foundation, outside walls, roof, electrical and plumbing systems are the
first to consider. Identify if there are any potential problems with the structure that will
cause security risk and ways to stop the threats. Think of the individual rooms,
doors, and windows associated with the residence and identity what potential risk
can attack those areas. Assets that could be threatened in a residence are personal
information, electronics, cash, jewellery, appliances, door, auto, or safe keys,
security codes, and anything of value in the residence. Trust zones in the residence
are safes, security systems, additional locks on doors and windows to provide extra
security. Threats and vulnerabilities include attackers coming in through doors or
windows; People in the residence sharing security codes with neighbours or friends.
Documenting the threat model by creating a diagram of the home showing the visual
aspect of securing the residence.
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