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Compare/contrast qualitative and quantitative assessments.
Methodologically, the qualitative approach is non-numerical data gathered through
interviews or observations. The data is then organized by a theme.
Methodologically, the quantititative aproach data is numeric or statistical. The data is
used to make preictions and establish laws of behavior across different areas.
Based on your experience, provide examples of each.
A qualitative example based on my work experience would be displayed in the
programming around the field designation and size such as character with the size of
5: Char(5)
A quantitative example based on my work experience would be established through
performance testing and reviewing the data against previous test data.
Determine which approach is best to assess IT risk
The quantitative approach is best for IT risk assessment. The risk assessment
outlines the issues that a project or organization faces and allows them to implement
the necessary measures to eliminate those risks.
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