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Performance Lab Report 1Template
Due in Week 2
Strayer University CIS502 Theories of Security Management
Performance Lab Report 1
Submitted by:
Tavarus Cockrell
January 15,2021
Performance Lab Report 1Template
Due in Week 2
Column 1 provides the lab number, title, and a brief description of the lab.
In Column 2 you will summarize in three to five sentences the key lessons you learned from completing the
Lab Key Lessons Learned
(No more than 3 to 5 sentences)
2.1.1 Encrypting Files with EFS
In this lab, you will encrypt files with encryption file
systems (EFS). This process encrypts the files to protect
them from unauthorized access or attack.
While encrypting files with encryption file systems (EFS) I
learned that it is an effective way of keeping information
safe. I got to learn simple and easy steps that can be
taken so that access to sensitive information can be given
to limited to safeguard the data. Encrypting files can help
prevent cyber security issues by tacking unauthorized
3.1.1 Conducting Vulnerability Scanning Using
In this lab, you will conduct vulnerability scanning using
Nessus. Nessus is a vulnerability scanning tool widely
used due to its GUI mode. Nessus can scan for a default
password, a weak password, missing patches or updates,
DOS, and so on.
After being part of Lab 3.1.1 activity, I learned how to see
vulnerabilities in a target network. The Nessus
vulnerability scanning tool was convenient to use as it
involved inputting the specific machine and the scanning
process would begin. It gave a detailed insight into diverse
levels at which security issues may exist. I came to realize
that Nessus is a useful tool that can strengthen security for
a user in the online setting.
3.2.1 Installing Antivirus
In this lab, you will install antivirus software. Antivirus
software detects, prevents, and removes viruses, worms,
and other malware from a computer.
After completing Lab 3.2.1 activity I learned the steps for
installing antivirus software. The installation process is
easy and it offers various options that can be used along
with the antivirus to protect a computer system. After the
implementation of the software, it enables to run a
diagnostics test to understand the current state of the
Performance Lab Report 1Template
Due in Week 2
Lab Key Lessons Learned
(No more than 3 to 5 sentences)
3.6.1 Using Social Engineering Techniques to Plan an
In this lab, you will use social engineering techniques to
plan an attack. Social engineering is a technique to gather
information about the target. This information can then be
used for financial gain or to access systems, networks, or
physical locations.
The completion of the lab work helped me understand how
social engineering techniques can be used for planning an
attack by cyber security criminals. The insight made me
understand, how attackers operate and collect
unauthorized information. They use the terminal window
for accessing additional information for their personal or
financial gains.
3.6.2 Configuring a VPN
In this lab, you will configure a virtual private network
(VPN). A VPN is a network connection process that
creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less
secure network, such as the public Internet.
In the Lab 3.6.2, I learned how to make use of the settings
window for configuring a VPN. Although it involves a few
simple steps, it is of critical importance as it can magnify
the security level. It can strengthen the safety and security
level of the connection by keeping a check on malicious
participants on the online platform.
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