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PSY 215 Module Two Milestone Template
To complete this milestone, review the Pew Research arcle “Social Media and the Cost of Caring,”
linked in this assignment in your course. As you weigh the costs and bene$ts of frequent exposure to
social media, respond to each of the rubric criteria with a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences. Support your
posion with credible sources when appropriate. Complete this template by replacing the bracketed
text with the relevant informaon.
According to the $ndings of the Pew Research study, there are several potenal costs and
bene$ts that result from frequent exposure to social media.
o Describe one psychological benet of frequent social media use.
[One psychological bene$t of frequent social media use is that the more someone uses
it, the more socially involved they become. The importance of this evident in today's
world. We all live in a lot more isolated environment, and social media allows us to stay
in touch with one another and receive greater social support as we discover new
methods to engage. And according to the Pew Research arcle, “compared with non-
social media users and those who are not as acve on Facebook, this person likely: has
more close friends; has more trust in people; feels more supported; and is more
polically involved.”]
o Describe one psychological cost of frequent social media use.
[Although there are a variety of psychological consequences associated with frequent
use of social media, according to the Pew Research study, the most signi$cant is the
constant knowledge of negave occurrences in the world and others' lives. On social
media, learning about unpleasant occurrences and the stress that others are
experiencing might increase one's own stress levels because they feel an emoonal
connecon to it. Despite the fact that the stress from these events is unrelated to your
own life, you become a2ached to it and accept it as your own.]
At the end of the study overview on page 3, the researchers discuss the noon of stress being
o Describe what the research ndings tell us about the link between our awareness of
other people’s stressful life events on social media and increases in our own stress.
[Major occurrences in our friends' and family's life cause us to become more aware of
what is going on and able to relate to it, which causes stress in our own lives. This is
referred to as the "Cost of Caring" in the Pew Research arcle and their studies have
shown that women experience it far more than men. There's also the impression that
you're missing out on certain events because they're being shared on social media. It
connually creates the feeling that we are being le9 out and that we are living on the
periphery of our social networks.]
We o9en refer to our involvement in social media groups as being a member of a community.
o Describe how social media can promote the levels of educaon and awareness that
help to enhance well-being.
[Social media can be a fantasc instrument for well-being enhancement through
educaon and awareness. It gives a terri$c pla:orm for ge;ng more members of the
community interested and teaching them about what is going on around them because
it is so freely accessible. It can provide community members with informaon on where
to locate local help as well as personal tesmonies and experiences to assist them in
navigang various scenarios. There is an in$nite number of resources available to help
take be2er care of yourself, and they are all there at your $ngerps.]
Despite the posive intent of some social media in<uencers, their messages don’t always
promote empathy, diversity, and inclusion.
o If you were a social media in<uencer, describe how you would use social media to
enhance compassion and empathy for all people who struggle with psychological
[If I were a social media in<uencer, I would strive to use my pla:orm to increase
compassion and empathy for people who are su=ering from mental illnesses. It would
be a place of educaon and knowledge, where people had the opportunity for
understanding how common these illnesses are and that there is nothing to be ashamed
or afraid of. I would do everything in my power to build a community where people
could come together to ask quesons, share stories, and $nd common ground so they
might feel less alone on their path. It would be a great place to demonstrate to
everyone that we are all human and no one person can be exempt from the possibility
of having to experience struggle.]
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