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Based on the grit scale and the Big Five Personality Test, what
is your grit level and most dominant personality traits? Do you
agree with your results? What is the value of knowing your grit
level and personality traits?
My Grit score was 48 out of 50, the assessment shows that people in
this range see themselves as grittier than about 99 percent of
American adults see themselves. As for my strongest personality trait,
it is Conscientiousness, saying I am organized, achievement oriented,
dependable, with a score of 44 out of 50. I am very persistent to a
fault (sometimes a bit to persistent). Being in a leadership role, it is a
great value to have self-awareness of your personality traits and
where your strong points are, this gives your insight on how to
approach others and any type of situation.
Do you agree with Rita Pierson's position that emotional
connections (positive or negative) are critical motivators for
achieving long-term goals? Explain why or why not.
I agree with Rita Pierson's position that emotional connections either
positive or negative are a critical motivator. Having good people skills
and open communication is imperative to have successful long-term
goal. Working as a team or individually it takes communication and
looking at everything as an open discussion with an open mind to
others thoughts.
Who is your champion? (Note: This can be yourself.) How does
your champion contribute to your grit or motivation?
My champion is my husband, he is as driven as I am, he never gives up,
always pushes me to be my best and is my best friend and my biggest
motivator. Gives me his honest opinion and allows me to make my
final decision on how to approach something.
How do the concepts of grit and personality apply to any of the
following programmatic course themes:
o Each of these programmatic themes have a place with grit
and personality on some level.
o Self-care---- Knowing your boundaries, knowing when to
take a break or a step back regroup.
o Social justice---Knowing the environment that you may be
in at the moment, reading others tone and body language
to gauge your approach.
o Emotional intelligence---Knowing what you can handle
and what may bring on anxiety, knowing when to take a
o Career connections--Having an open mind to others
thoughts, in the work environment it is not always just you
making decisions.
o Ethics---Doing the right thing, knowing right from wrong
and treating everyone and everything with respect.
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