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On the big five personality traits test, I scored 838 out of 50 which means I am an original
intellectual and creative person. I would have to agree with both sets of test results. The reason
these test results are right on the nose is that I used to be in a creative writing class. In high
school, I did so well with my education that my principal offered to pay for me to go to prom
because I always had my face in my books. When it comes to being original, I have often been
called an old soul. I certainly do agree with Rita people that emotional connections are when
trying to be motivated. I know that when I am trying to be motivated to do something that
extra push from someone else whether it be a family friend makes me feel good and makes me
wanna try harder to obtain my long-term goals well. My champion is myself because no matter
what I go through or when it happens to me, I get up I just did it off, and move on. No matter
what anyone says I will get this diploma! I believe these concepts both fit in the category of
emotional intelligence. While you are motivated you still must learn when and where to
control your emotions and manage them while being motivated. Based on the grit scale my
score is a 36 out of 50, and based on the Big Five Personality Test my most dominant
personality trait is Openness. I do agree with my results. My grit is not as high as I would like
for it to be. However, my openness is right on point. I value what the grit scale says about me.
It shows an opportunity for me to work on it more. I’m extremely pleased with my openness
personality trait because it describes me perfectly. It also gave me some areas where I can
make improvements with setting my long-term goals. I do agree with Rita Pierson’s position
that emotional connections whether positive or negative are critical motivators for achieving
long-term goals. I feel we are greatly led by our emotions. When we are poured into with
positive emotional encouragement, our results will be a great achievement. It’s also the same
as receiving negative emotions, we may not be as motivated to achieve as much when we
don’t feel motivated to do so. Who is my champion? Me. I have overcome things that were
meant to destroy me, but I made it. Remembering those times in my life pushes me to continue
forward because I am not going back to that life or that same way of thinking. The concept of
grit and personality applies to both career connections and self-care. I must continue to
discover ways to stay motivated to produce grit and achieve my career goals. I must also
continue in openness to carve out more time for myself.
I see myself as 40% more grittier that most Americans. c I scored highest in agreeableness and
openness. I’m not surprised by these results. I have been told that I am easy to talk to and a
good listener. I want to understand people, which isn’t something that always comes naturally
to me. So, I make great efforts to listen. I also really care about others. If I can be helpful, I
will do whatever I can. I am also the kind of guy who never leaves a project unfinished. It
would leave me unsettled if I did. Maybe an autistic trait, maybe now. Who knows? I actually
like these traits in myself. Knowing one’s grit and personality traits means that you better
understand yourself and how you function. You can understand the things that you struggle
with and improve upon them. You can also know your strengths which can help you make
good choices for yourself and your own well-being in life. I agree with Rita that this awareness
plays a significant part in one’s long-term goals. Rita’s position on emotional connections.
Those connections provide life experiences that are valuable to our own progression of
developing future relationships.
My champion…. that is tough! I have several! Pick one? Okay I will go with my mom. I am
lucky to have her. She has always been very uplifting and motivational. She has taught me
how to deal with a society that is not autistic friendly. She is an anthropologist and a teacher,
and always encourages us reach our greatest potential and believe in our goals and dreams.
Right now, my sister who has autism and trouble with speaking is getting ready to graduate
with a degree in computer science. c She has just been offered a remote job with NASA. There
were times she struggled, and knowing that 90% of all college graduates with autism never
find gainful employment, there were times when she felt hopeless but my mom did not let her
give up and kept her motivated to fight against the tide. She has a way of making us believe in
ourselves, that nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit while at the same time giving us
unconditional love and support. c She gets our quirks and special needs, and finds ways that we
can find balance with those things.
Self-care -it’s important to commit to long-term goals. Surrounding yourself with people and
settings that will direct your behaviour towards your long-term goals helps when making a
commitment to stick to your long-term goals.
Social justice - knowing my traits would positively affect social just because. Being a
neurodiverse individual, it helps me to understand how I function socially.
Emotional intelligence I am a little different from most folk when it comes to emotions so
knowing this helps me to keep my stress levels under control so that I have fewer breakdowns.
Career connections to be continued!!!
Ethics being at peace with my own ethics and values and respecting those that differ from
mine in others.
Based on the grit scale and the Big Five Personality Test, what is your grit level and most
dominant personality traits? Do you agree with your results? On my grit, my leave was a 95%
of Americans see themself I was surprised by that a little but when I took the Big Five
Personality Test it sheds light on it. On my personality traits, my dominant feature was
emotional stability 43 out of 50, conscientiousness 46 out of 50, and agreeableness 46 out of
50 which they all was true so I have a lot of work to do it recommended that I need to work on
self-care and learn how to say no and set boundaries between my work and personal life so I
can reach my goals it also suggested to work on my conflict resolution, self-awareness, and
emotional intelligence. c
What is the value of knowing your grit level and personality traits? The value of knowing both
the level of my grit and personality traits can help me have a better understanding of who I am
and what I need to work on to be able to achieve my goals and help me control my stress level
and how to deal with it.
Do you agree with Rita Pierson's position that emotional connections (positive or negative) are
critical motivators for achieving long-term goals? Explain why or why not. I can say I agree
with Rita Pierson's position that emotional connections (positive or negative) are critical
motivators for achieving long-term goals. Because we connect with all types of different
people in our life like a coach, friend, teacher, co-worker, or boss each day we learn from each
of them whether they are guiding us to be successful by giving us that confidence we need to
help our self-esteem to do better.
Who is your champion? (Note: This can be yourself.) How does your champion contribute to
your grit or motivation? c I got to say my champion was my late aunt seeing her work two jobs
and raise her kids alone put herself throw college and got her nursing. I know if she could do it
why I can't do it I remember one day she told me what is my goals and I told her I want to go
back to school and get my high school diploma and go to college and she told me so what
stopping me and I told her I don't have the time because I have to work and take care of the
kids. She look at me and said honey stop making excuses and using my kids as a crutch to do
what I want to do if she has done it so can I. That just hit me like she was right so I went back
to school working and providing for my family got my high school diploma she was so proud
of me that I was proud of myself for doing something that I wanted to do. I enroll in college
and here I am to prove to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to and I remind myself
each day am doing this for myself so I could finally work in a career that I always talk about.
Even though she is gone but she is always in my mind saying you got this mama I believe in
you when I want to give up when I think I can complete or understand an assignment I hear
that and I just push forward and tell myself am the only one that can stop my success and
How do the concepts of grit and personality apply to any of the following programmatic
course themes:
Social justice
Emotional intelligence
Career connections
The concept of grit and personality plays a part in all the programmatic courses from work to
relationships to ourselves by learning who we are to understanding why we act the way we act
can help us better ourself.
On the grit assessment, I scored 33 out of 50. The assessment says people in the range see
themselves 30 percent grittier than other American adults. c I can see why I got this result but I
believe if someone else did a grit assessment on me the score would be higher. I know I tend
to underestimate myself on this like grit.
On the Big Five Personality test, I score the highest in Openness and Agreeableness with a
score of 46 out of 50 on both. I agree wholeheartedly with these results. I love variety and
trying new things. I see change as a good thing, which are all traits linked to Openness.
Agreeableness list the traits of sensitivity, kindness, and trust which are also traits I would use
to describe myself.
Knowing your grit scale and personality traits is important. They help you understand
yourself and how you learn or work. They show you how you interact with others and could
give an insight into how you would react in certain situations.
I agree with Pierson that emotional connections are crucial motivators for long-term goals.
When you have someone be by your side through goals and challenges it makes life easier. c It
helps to have an emotional support person to not only get through tough times with but to also
share successes and good times with.
My champion is one of my coworkers. c We have worked together for over 5 years and are both
at the same management level. We both have been through so much at work together. They
help me stay motivated when things get tough and I do the same for them. They help uplift me
when I get stressed or overwhelmed and I find myself going to them for advice.
Grit ties in with career connections. Grit measures perseverance and the pursuit of long-term
goals. Grit level can show how likely someone would be to succeed in certain careers.
Personality ties into emotional intelligence. Some people with certain personality traits tend
to be more emotionally intelligent than others.
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