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6-1 Milestone Two: Performance Analysis
MBA 620
Feb 12,2022
TransGlobal Airlines is a reputed government-owned company. The company has
enjoyed a monopoly status in the airlines industry. TransGlobal Airlines is planning to
expand its operations and acquire other companies. This report focuses on shedding light and
evaluating the performances of TransGlobal Airlines, Company A, and Company B that are
involved in the acquisition process. The report will also compare the benefits, costs, as well
as risks associated with each of the companies in order to make well-informed decisions
relating to the acquisition.
A. Situation Analysis of TransGlobal Airlines
TransGlobal Airlines started its operations in the year 1951 and has expanded a lot.
Today, the company has nearly 40,000 employees. It is a global airliner with a dominant
presence in the US market. The headquarter of TransGlobal Airlines is in Miami, FL.
a) Internal Environment
The internal environment of an organization comprises of the culture of the
organization and other elements within the organization. It includes the owners, managers,
employees, leadership, as well as material resources (Halmaghi et al., 2017).
Organizational culture refers to the norms, values, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes
that play an important role in shaping the manner in which people within an organization
behave or get things done (Politeknik NSC surabaya: Business Administration. Politeknik
NSC Surabaya | Business Administration, 2021). In terms of culture, TransGlobal Airlines
focuses on ensuring the delivery of optimum quality services to its customers. The company
treats all its customers with respect and values the customers, employees, business partners,
as well as other important stakeholders. TransGlobal Airlines delivers innovative solutions to
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