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6-2 Assignment: Personal Development Plan
MBA 530
November 21,2021
On the basis of the personal leadership self-assessment, I scored the lowest in the
‘Encourage the heart’ leadership behavior category. In the highly dynamic organizational setting,
a leader must make sure to recognize as well as appreciate the contribution of other employees.
A leader must also use his position to celebrate the values and victories of others by establishing
a spirit of community (Kouzes & Posner, 2013).
As my score is lowest in this specific area, I need to develop it so that I can play a
constructive role to boost the morale of the subordinates who are working under me. The
prevailing organizational setting is highly dynamic, competitive, and unpredictable, so it is
possible for employees to feel lost or demotivated. During such trying times, I could demonstrate
my ‘Encourage the heart’ leadership behavior by recognizing the hard work and effort of others.
It could uplift their spirit and help them to progress forward. It could positively impact my ability
to lead by building positive professional relationships with others. Furthermore, the engagement
level could also be enhanced in the work setting (Five practices - palmerston north boys' high
school, 2021, p. 6).
The SMART goal model has been used to create a personal plan that would help me to improve
the ‘Encourage the heart’ leadership behavior in me.
Specific (S) My main goal is to communicate with employees so that I can proactively
showcase my appreciation of their efforts, and each employee could improve their performance
by at least 20 %. I have chosen the specific goal as it would create an opportunity for me to
engage with employees and praise them for well-performed work and express confidence in the
efforts of the personnel. The objective that would ensure that the goal is met is providing a
genuine appreciation for good work and giving valuable feedback to help them improve further.
Measurable (M) The goal would be measured by making sure that I would engage with
employees from each department on a daily basis so that their confidence in their efforts and
outcome could increase. A vital metric that could be used to ascertain whether the goal is met or
not is employee engagement rate. The rate could be captured by conducting employee surveys
relating to communication, satisfaction, and appreciation by the management. The metrics that
could be used for measuring the performance of meeting the objective are employee satisfaction
rates. It would help to understand whether I can communicate with the employees effectively or
Achievable (A) As a result of better communication with the staff members, 70 % of them
would report an increased level of engagement, especially in terms of better appreciation of their
efforts and contribution in the organizational setting. In order to make sure that communication
is not compromised in any manner, both direct, as well as indirect ways of interactions would be
adopted. For instance, for communicating with the personnel who work at the same office, face-
to-face interaction to communicate and demonstrate appreciation would be useful. For the
employees who work remotely, an online communication portal or platform could be used to
boost the quality of engagement. In order to be successful in attaining the goal, the involvement
of the staff members would be critical.
Relevant (R) The goal relating to better communication is related to the overall objective of
the business as it would ensure that an engaging environment is created. The improved
communication would basically create an opportunity to showcase to the employees that their
efforts are being appreciated and recognized by the top management. It could also have a
positive influence on their morale and satisfaction level and thus increase their productivity and
performance. The specific goal would increase my knowledge and overall performance as a
leader as I would be able to establish positive relationships with the organizational personnel. By
communicating with them, I would be able to not only acknowledge and appreciate their work
but also provide them guidance and necessary support in the organizational setting. Thus, the
goal would be of high value for me as I could carry out my leadership role in a more efficient
Time-bound (T) I intend to accomplish the specific goal relating to communication within
three months. However, the process of engaging with the personnel and appreciating them for
their work and efforts would be ongoing in nature. One of the main tangible deliverables is
improvement in employee performance by 5 %. Its due date is within the first week of the
interaction, i.e., November 25, 2021. Another important tangible deliverable relating to the goal
is a decline in employee turnover by 7 %. The due date to attain the tangible deliverable is one
month, i.e., by November 18, 2021.
The SMART goal that I have created would help me to strengthen my communication so
that I could appreciate employees for their efforts and contribution in the work setting (Five
practices - palmerston north boys' high school, 2021).
Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. Z. (2013). LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®.
Five practices - palmerston north boys' high school. (2021). Retrieved November 18, 2021, from
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