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For the last discussion of this course, review a part or
segment from the program that has made you proud. That
may be achieving yourrst certication or badge, or
completing yourrst graded assignment, or even going
through the resources that have helped you expand your
knowledge on leadership. You may choose to discuss
someone you have learned the most from: your manager,
your spouse or partner, or even a peer you have become
friends with during the program.
In your initial post you should address the following
How would you describe your experience in
participating in this course? How has your experience
shaped your intention of how to participate in future
MBA courses?
What were some of the challenges you faced in this
course, and how did these challenges help you prepare
for challenges in today's VUCA world of work? How do
you think future courses will help you deepen your
ability to work in the VUCA world?
The fourth industrial revolution has introduced early
advances on the internet of things; articial
intelligence (AI); and the production of smart
equipment that can analyze, diagnose, and x issues
without the need for human intervention. How do these
complex technological developments challenge leaders
to adapt their leadership style and behavior?
Considering those challenges, what do you want to
learn to help prepare you to lead more e0ectively? How
will your future work in this program benet you and
the people you lead?
When responding to at least two of your peers' postings,
your responses should show that you have given thought to
what the original post said. They should also push the
conversation forward, o0ering insights or asking clarifying
questions if necessary.
Consider the following questions:
Does your response push the conversation forward?
Does your response o0er your perspective?
What about your peers' stories can you relate to?
What can you learn from your peers' stories?
Are your responses clear?
Have you considered the viewpoints or insights of the
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