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The company I am working with is Nike, and I was able to find a lot
about their DEI strategy and inititives. Searching for it on google will
lead you to Nikes company page, and you will find a very clear
statement on DEI, "We focus on five value drivers that guide our
diversity, equity and inclusion work: transparency, authenticity,
accountability, visibility and belonging." (Nike) This statement to me is
a good way to introduce Nikes core values regarding this, and reading
further down on the page dives deeper into how they are
implementing these value drivers. The main focus is on
Representation, Education, and Development. You could ensure a
diverse team by having a diverse group of people doing the hiring,
from all backgrounds and walks of life! Having offices set up all
around the globe that are interconnected by a cloud or computer
network could also work for ensuring diversity! Many different
countries and cultures working together would ensure all possible
consumers are happy. Nike sees CSR as huge, and spent 81.9 million
dollars on community development! (CSR Journal) My product, Nike
Western Saddles, can help their CSR because it helps with inclusivity,
and that all people can join a new sport of horse riding or a rodeo
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