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Running Head: Lecture Critique Assignment
Lecture: Critique Assignment
July 17, 2022
Lecture: Critique Assignment
The lecture video that I have selected for this paper is the ‘Intro to Psychology
Lecture by Paul Bloom of Yale’.
Professor’s Appearance
I am impressed by the appearance of Professor Paul Bloom. His dressing sense,
grooming level, and overall look, all seem to be very perfect to me. The business suit
that he wears while delivering the lecture makes him look very professional and gentle at
the same time. It makes the students view him as an authoritative figure (YouTube, 2008).
Oral Communication
Professor Paul Bloom has a very casual communication style. His tone of voice was
very friendly and approachable. His pitch, as well as tone, was consistent throughout the
lecture. He made the correct use of inflections in order to highlight the important points
and ensure that all the students were able to understand everything. The volume of his
speech was quite high, which ensured that everything was clearly audible to all the
students. Moreover, his speed of delivering the speech was also correct. It allowed the
students to easily grasp and understand what he was talking about (YouTube, 2008).
Physical Presence
The professor had a strong command over the room. He delivered the lecture from the
podium of the stage while reading out from a script. At the beginning of the lecture, he
constantly stood in one position. However, later he started moving on the stage. He made
use of gestures such as hand movements in order to deliver the lecture in a more
interactive and engaging manner. He also had constant eye contact with the students
(YouTube, 2008).
Lecture Organization/ Technology Use
Lecture: Critique Assignment
The lecture by Paul Bloom was very well-organized, which made it easier to
understand all the topics involved. At first, he provided a brief view of all the topics that
will be covered in the introduction lecture. He gave us an idea of all the different topics
that we would be learning. He even gave an idea of how the course will proceed in the
coming days for better clarity for the students. He provided information relating to the
syllabus of the course. He even emphasized the importance of doing the course and how
we can apply the lessons learned in real life.
The use of material or technology is important in order to deliver a lecture. The
technology that Professor Paul Bloom used in order to deliver the lecture is PowerPoint
presentations. It became easy for the students to go through the information. The use of
slides also enabled the students to note down the important points of the lecture easily.
Confidence and Knowledge
Professor Paul Bloom was indeed comfortable throughout the lecture. There was no
sign of nervousness. He was quite confident while delivering the lecture on stage. His
confidence clearly reflected his stronghold and mastery of the subject and the topics. He
had authority on the subject, and it was noticeable through his delivery of the lecture and
physical appearance (YouTube, 2008).
Student Interactions
The lecture of Professor Paul Bloom was quite interactive. In order to break the ice
with the student, he made use of humor. An example of this is “if you’re in the witness
protection program or some sort of fugitive, you probably don’t want to sit in the front
row”. He also asked questions to the students to make the session interactive. For
instance, at the beginning of the class, he asked the students to raise their hand who had
Lecture: Critique Assignment
the syllabus of the course. He was very friendly in responding to the doubts and queries
of the students.
Activities/ Demonstrations
The professor made sure that all the students in the class were attentive and interested
in the class. For this reason, he made use of humor. An example of his humour is,
“ideally this will be accessed by people in many different countries, some who would not
normally have access to [an] education. I see this as a good and honorable use of Yale’s
resources, and, of course, it’s also part of Yale’s plan for world domination”.
2. Critique
There were a number of strengths in the lecture of Professor Paul Bloom. One of his
strengths was that he had a strong understanding and knowledge of the subject. He was
well aware of his academic goals (Kapur, 2020). It enabled him to deliver the lecture
confidently. Another strength was that he made use of PowerPoint presentations in order
to deliver the lecture. It helped in making notes of the important points.
Despite so many strengths, there were also some weaknesses in the lecture. One of
the weaknesses is that he used too much of the script at the beginning of the lecture. The
second weakness I identified is that he used a lot of ‘um’ in order to show hesitation.
However, overall, the lecture of the professor was engaging and interesting.
Lecture: Critique Assignment
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