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Theory to Practice Exam
Stephanie Corrins
School of Education, Liberty University
EDAS645: Foundations for Educational Leaders
Dr. Craig Bailey
Theory to Practice Exam
Short Essay Item 1
When developing a vision for the school a principal must be willing to embrace the ideas
of all stakeholders. Increased involvement of employees and other stakeholders in
organizational decision making is a practice that has gained much popularity over the past two
decades (Claxton, 2019, p. 2). The first step in this process would be to survey the stakeholders
to figure out where they see the school is and where they hope to see it go. Once you have
gathered the survey data you would need to establish a committee that includes individuals from
all groups of stakeholders to evaluate the data and develop a shared vision. As Glickman et. al
states an authentic shared vision is one that is developed through collaboration and shared
leadership. That is when the vision for the school will be most successful. Once the vision is
developed the leader will need to implement it. To implement a vision, the leader needs to be a
living model of the ideals and values articulate in the vision” (Northouse, 2021, p. 169). It is vital
that a vision is developed through shared leadership so that everyone knows where we are going
and what needs to be accomplished to get there. Where there is no vison, the people are
unrestrained, but happy is he who keeps the law (Claxton, 2019, p. 3). The biggest keys to a
successful creation and implementation of the vision is shared leadership, collaboration, and a
leader who leads by example and lives up to the vision that is established.
Short Essay Item 2
As Claxton states administrators are responsible for creating an atmosphere that is
conducive to learning for all. Administrators must provide for the academic, social, emotional,
and physical needs of all learners via the faculty” (Claxton, 2019, p. 39). As an administrator
you will need to make sure that you hire quality educators that have the ability to adapt their
teaching styles to meet the needs of the students they will be teaching. Once the teachers are
hired they will need to work within their departments to ensure that they are providing quality
teaching and meeting the students needs. As an administrator you will need to work with
department chairs to ensure that they have what their department needs to provide the quality
education for the students. This is an important piece to ensuring the success of the school since
teachers are on the frontlines with the students and their input is critical to making a wise
decision regarding curriculum (Claxton, 2019, p. 41). Also, as an administrator you will need to
analyze performance of students on state testing to ensure that students are meeting the
requirements set forth by the state. As Claxton states academic standards should be set high and
through evaluation of data you can determine what that high standard should be. This analyzation
should be completed as team made up of not just administrators but also teachers. By creating
this team of individuals and analyzing the data an administrator will be able to make informed
decision rooted in data on where to take the educational practices of their staff. The biggest thing
for an administrator in this process is to be present and willing to step in and help when needed.
Short Essay Item 3
As with any organization communication needs to be a high priority for any school
district. The way to meet the needs of any and all stakeholders it to have clear and open lines of
communication. An administrator my start by asking how can relationships be improved among
all stakeholders? The ability to find answers to this question and to sustain such healthy
relationships is key to becoming a successful educational leader” (Claxton, 2019, p. 138). How
do we as administrators determine the current relationship with stakeholders and how to we work
to improve it is the task at hand. First stakeholders must feel they have the opportunity to discuss
any issues or concerns. There are multiple ways to do this, one can be holding meetings where
stakeholders can attend and discuss issues at hand or another could be having a form that
stakeholders could fill out that would go directly to administration. Through these avenues
leaders are given the opportunity to understand and address any concerns. Also, stakeholders will
support the school system more when they feel that there are clear and open lines of
communication. Also, stakeholders will support more because they will feel their voices are
being heard and their concerns are being addressed. Not only will stakeholders support the
school system, but the overall climate of the school will improve when stakeholders see there are
clear lines of communication and that their voices are being heard. The ultimate goal as a leader
is to continue to promote clear and continual communication will all stakeholders to gain the
support and to provide a climate that improves the success of students.
Short Essay Item 4
Leadership has a moral dimension because leaders influence the lives of others
(Northouse, 2021, p. 308). To be a successful leader one must look at themselves and ensure they
are leading in a moral and ethical way. To ensure we are leading in an ethical way as Northouse
(2021) states on must understand what ethical leadership is. Ethical leadership is the influence
one has on another to do the right thing in the right way for the right reasons. Since our
leadership influences others, we must establish a climate within our setting that is built upon
trust, honesty, integrity, and equality. To develop this climate as a leader we must set an example
for others to follow. Also, as a leader you need to lay out clear expectations for all stakeholders
on how you will achieve a positive school climate which will lead to increased achievement for
As a leader you must also be able to handle the conflicts that will come about when
trying to promote a positive school climate. A good strong leader will handle conflict through
collaboration and compromise. Working together will all parties involved to reach a resolution
will lead to the most successful outcome and will help in establishing a positive working
environment. The results of collaboration are positive because both sides win, communication is
satisfying, relationships are strengthened, and negotiated solutions are frequently more cost-
effective in the long run” (Northouse, 2021, p. 296).
In the long run to be an ethically strong leader you need to have the ability to
communicate clearly, lead by example, and set clear expectations for all stakeholders. Achieving
all of this will lend to a positive climate with higher achievement among students and staff.
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