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Case Study: Apple Assignment
Joshua Monastyrly
College of Business, Liberty University
BUSI 400
Professor John Borek
May 1, 2023
Apples Organizational Problems
Apple leads rivaling companies such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, Samsung, Intel, etc. (The
Wall Street Journal). Apple has expanded from just producing MacBooks to designing and
manufacturing smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories, and many additional services
(The Wall Street Journal). Apple faced a decline during the years of COVID, as did may
companies, as the companys sales and supply decreases; however, the company is now back on
track and projected to grow (The Wall Street Journal). Even though Apple is recognized as the
top technology company, Apple still has organizational faults that could be improved in order to
broaden the gap further between Apple and the competing companies. Apple faces the following
challenges: the effect economic trends across the world have on the company, constantly
adapting preferences of consumers, and the high competition within the technology industry
(Nigam, 2023).
To begin, the success of the company seems to depend on the success of the economy
across the world (Nigam, 2023). Apples products are generally expensive and incompatible with
other brands of products. Apple keeps its consumers buying their products by making their
products compatible with their own products only. In addition, Apple has made it impossible to
not have to purchase additional accessories. Versions of the MacBook include only one port,
which requires the user to purchase additional adapters. Due to these reasons, Apples consumers
need to financially in good-standing to be able to buy their products. When there is a decline in
the economy worldwide, people are much less likely to upgrade their devices or purchase new
devices. When this occurs, such as COVID-19, the company faces a decline (SEC.gov). Apple
depends on the economic trends of the world.
In addition, Apple is constantly trying to meet the needs of the ever-evolving needs of the
consumers (Nigam, 2023). Apples consumers look for technology to become more and more
personalized, offering users products that are customizable and easy to use (Nigam, 2023). Apple
is constantly putting out the next new product with new features. Apple has to stay up to date on
the newest trends and constantly needs to evolve. If Apple were to miss the mark or not stay on
trend, the company could risk falling behind the company’s competitors. Recently, the company
has included the Face ID, Touch ID, and watch faces and widgets (Nigam, 2023). With the high
prices of Apple products, consumers expect the best, especially when new features are added.
This adds extra pressure to Apple to ensure that when these features are released that they work
well and efficiently.
Finally, Apples final challenge that will be discussed in this response is the fact that
competition for Apple has been rapidly increasing (Nigam, 2023). Due to Apple being the
leading company for technology, Apple needs to consistently separate itself from the competing
companies. Not only is Apple producing technology, but Apple has begun creating their own
services, such as Apple Music, Apple TV, etc. (Nigam, 2023). With these new services, Apple not
only competes against technology companies but also companies that are exclusive to these
service types.
Apples Organizational Solutions
Apple is already a top competitor in the technology realm; however, these are some
suggestions for Apple that could improve user experience as well as the overall status of Apple.
Some of these recommendations could act as potential solutions to some of the challenges that
are listed in the previous section. Apple should continue to come up with new and innovative
ideas that keep them ahead of the trends and ahead of their competitors (Nigam, 2023). In order
to do so, the company could invest in additional research to forecast trends and come up with
new ideas (Nigam, 2023). Another suggestion to the company would be to reconsider pricing and
find ways to cut costs (Nigam, 2023). As Apple continues to release new products, there is a
trend that the pricing becomes higher and higher. This can be explained through the new features
that each product contains; however, Apple should look for additional ways to lower the price, so
that the company is not so heavily affected when the economy is not as good. In addition to
increasing innovation and lowering pricing, the company should also continue to seek expansion
(Nigam, 2023). Apple is already sold in the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan, etc.;
however, the company should seek out more areas to sell their products to (The Wall Street
Journal). This could also help with ensuring that Apple is still successful even when the economy
is not as good. Furthermore, Apple should continue to invest in promoting their products and try
to stay relevant (Nigam, 2023). Finally, Apple should build better and more personal
relationships with the company’s buyers. Apple could do so through customer service or creating
a loyalty program (Nigam, 2023). These are just a few suggestions for the company that could
solve some of the challenges that Apple is facing. Even with top-performing companies, the
companies should always seek improvement to eliminate the risk of falling behind.
Overall, this essay has outlined challenges that Apple faces and has provided suggestions
that could act as potential solutions to those problems. Those problems include the following:
effect economic trends across the world have on the company, constantly adapting preferences of
consumers, and the high competition within the technology industry (Nigam, 2023). These
problems are not currently detrimental but could be if not resolved. After presenting the
problems, composition aimed to also provide suggestions for the company in order to better the
business. Those suggestions included the following: improving pricing, staying innovative,
expanding the company’s market, promoting more, and building customer relationships (Nigam,
2023). The company should consider some of these suggestions, as these suggestions could help
solve some of their challenges. Users have grown to love this company and want to see it
continue to succeed. If Apple fails to address these challenges, the company would be putting
itself at risk for falling behind their competitors. Based on projections for the company, Apple
seems to be projected to continue to grow. Consumers hope to see this trend continue, and if
Apple addresses these problems, the company will most likely stay on track for success.
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