The Grapes of Wrath Characters Analysis

Tom Joad: Main character/ protagonist. Second-oldest of the seven Joad siblings.  

Pa Joad: Tom’s father, patriarch of the Joad family

Ma Joad: Tom’s mother, matriarch of the Joad family

Noah Joad: Older brother of Tom

Al Joad: Younger brother of Tom

Rose of Sharon (“Roasasharn”) Joad: Oldest sister of Tom

Ruthie Joad: Youngest sister of Tom

Al Joad: 16-year-old younger brother of Tom

Winfield Joad: Youngest brother of Tom

Granpa Joad: Tom’s grandfather

Granma Joad: Tom’s grandmother

Jim Casy: Former preacher, family friend; travels to CA with the family

Muley Graves: Neighbor of the Joads. Lost his farm, but stays in Oklahoma, in spite of the invitation to travel to CA

Connie Rivers: Married to Rose of Sharon

Uncle John: Pa Joad’s brother. Feels endless guilt for his wife’s passing many years prior, which he feels he could have prevented.  

Willy Feely: Young tractor driver, working for the corporate farm conglomerates

Ivy and Sarah (“Sairy”) Wilson: A couple who travels with the Joads for a few days.  

Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright: This couple shares a boxcar (being used as quarters) with the Joads, along with their daughter Agnes

Agnes Wainwright: Along with her parents, shares the boxcar with the Joads. Agrees to marry Al Joad.

Ezra Huston: Chairman of the camp government at Weedpatch.

Willie Eaton: Chairman of the entertainment committee at Weedpatch.