The Brothers Karamazov Chapter summaries

Part 1, Prologue - Book I


From the Author

The Brother’s Karamazov begins with a note from the fictitious narrator of the tale. The narrator …

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Part 1, Book II - III


Book II - An Inappropriate Gathering

Fyodor arrives with Ivan at the same time as his first wife’s cousin, Pyotr …

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Part 2, Book IV


Book IV - Crack Ups

The next morning, Father Zosima delivers a sermon in a haphazard and broken manner, but he is …

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Part 2, Book V - VI


Book V - Pro and Contra

Alyosha returns to Lise’s house where he learns Katerina is having hysterics after Ivan’s …

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Part 3, Book VII


Book VII - Alyosha

Father Paisy watches over the arrangement of the final rites and he observes Alyosha crying …

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Part 3, Book VIII - IX


Book VIII - Mitya

The next two days after meeting with Alyosha go by in such a haze for Dmitri that he later …

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Part 4, Book X - XI


Book X - The Boys

The narrator takes up the tale a couple of months later and introduces the reader to Kolya …

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Part 4, Book XII - Epilogue


Book XII - A Judicial Error

Dmitri’s trial begins the following day, and the Public Prosecutor presents various …

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