Top 3 Oedipus Rex quotes

  • "You have your eyesight, and you do not see how miserable you are."


    The blind seer does not wish to be the cause of Oedipus's pain, and he does his best to keep his mouth shut. Tiresias only begins to speak when Oedipus begins to question his ability as a prophet and accuses him of being a traitor to the throne. In this quote, Sophocles develops the theme of sight, as Oedipus is unable to see the truth of his situation.

  • "Listen to me, and ease your mind with this—no human being has skill in prophecy."


    Jocasta learns that Oedipus has spent the past few years exiled from his home after he had heard a prophecy about his father and mother. She believes that prophecies are not real since Laius had been given a similar prophecy and he had died at the hands of supposed highwaymen.

  • "In shape he was not all that unlike you."


    In this chilling quote, Jocasta notes the similarities in appearance that Oedipus shared with Laius. This quote addresses a common concern that a reader would have when reading the story of Oedipus. Surprisingly, no one notes the similarities in appearance between a son and a father, but Sophocles demonstrates his expertise as he makes Jocasta acknowledge their similarities in appearance.

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