Top 3 Odyssey quotes

  • "Tell me about a complicated man, Muse, tell me how he wandered and was lost when he had wrecked the holy town of Troy…" Chapter 1, the narrator (Homer).

    Here is a request, almost a prayer, to the Muse, an inspirational goddess of the arts. To invoke the powers of the Muse, one is asking for guidance and knowledge, to properly relate a tale, such as an epic poem. 

  • "You look like a king to me!" Chapter 17, Ulysses, posing as a beggar, speaking to suitor Antinous.

    This sarcastic statement is strictly ironic, as the only king in the room is Ulysses, and Antinous has no chance of ever becoming a king. Antinous is eating food belonging to the actual king, and the "beggar" requests only a crust from him.

  • "Come here… Eurycleia, and wash your master's age-mate. I suppose Ulysses' hands and feet are very much the same now as he are, for trouble ages all of us dreadfully fast." Chapter 19, Penelope speaking to the palace nurse.

    This is strong evidence that Penelope is aware that the beggar to which she is referring is indeed Ulysses. Her comment regarding the similarities is not ironic but is revealing of her thoughts.