You will need both MySQL Workbench and a local installation of MySQL Server



ABC Manufacturing would like you to create an inventory management system. The company has recieved significant value for your work on the database and ER diagram.



You will need to start by creating an ER model, including both Entity Classes and attributes. This is to be done in MySQL Workbench.

Then, using both MySQL Workbench and MySQL Server, create a schema called ABC_YourLastName. In this schema, create all the necessary tables, columns, and relationships to meet the following requirements:

  • Track raw materials with various options including color and size.
  • Set minimum inventory levels that will trigger the ordering of replacement material.
  • Raw materials should be able to be assigned to multiple finished goods.
  • Material orders will need to be tracked for when orders are placed, received, and used so that trending data can be used.
  • At times a raw material will be replaced with a new product. The new product will need to be tracked to the product it replaced.
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