Rogerian Argument paper.

  • Session 15: Session Overview

    In this session students will revise and submit the Rogerian Argument paper. 
  • Session 15: Learning Objectives & Content

    By the end of this session, you will be able to:
    • Present detailed and well-organized compositions using formal documentation
      • Write an outline
      • Apply correct documentation format to a paper
      • Locate resources through library databases
      • Paraphrase and direct quote research back to a paper
    • Apply research and writing strategies to research-based analytic and argumentative writing
      • Examine the balance of a paper by denoting introduction, thesis and facts
      • Justify facts by checking statements
      • Examine conclusions by checking for redundancy
    • Distinguish between primary and secondary sources.
      • Choose primary sources providing direct or firsthand experiences
      • Utilize secondary sources that describe, discuss, interpret, comment upon, analyze, evaluate, and summarize content
    • Conduct research using primary and secondary sources.
      • Support research using primary and secondary sources
      • Illustrate effective use of primary and secondary sources
    Here is the content for this session:
    • Read the contents of the "Readings: Revision" folder
    • Revise and Submit the Rogerian Argument Paper
  • Session 15: Learning Activities

    This section consists of instructor presentations as well as student practice and review activities to achieve the objectives of this session. Make sure that all content here is reviewed and all preparatory activities completed before beginning assignments and assessments.


  • Session 15: Assignments & Assessments

    Below are all of the assignments and assessments for this session. Make sure you have carefully gone through all of the materials and activities provided above before you begin completing the assignments and assessments below.

  • linked item Rogerian Paper Assignment Folder "I uploaded the files"


    This folder contains information and materials you will need to complete the final draft of your Rogerian Argument Paper. There is no first draft submission for this paper.
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