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1.  The career that I decided to make this report about this week is Corporate Financing. The reason I choose this career is because it seems very interesting and intriguing. Working in corporate finance means you would assist a company finding money to run the business, to make sure the business grows, make purchase, and plan for what the future hold financially and take care of managing any money in hand.

A person wanting to be involved in a career like Corporate Finance  will have to obtain certain skills, like problem solving, communication, management skills, and also technology savvy; these are just a few of the skills required to be successful in corporate finance. The minimum requirement to work in this field is usually a bachelor’s degree; some might even require a master’s degree. The starting salaries in corporate finance with bachelors can range between $35,000 to $50,000, which to me is not much considering all that they do for a business.   If a person has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree a starting salary in Corporate Finance can range from $55,000 to $80,000.

Corporate Finance is a very interesting career. I was shocked to discover that with bachelors a person can only make $35,000, don’t get me wrong that is not bad at all but, from what I learned from research about this report they do a lot for a company, they care of all the finances which is what keeps a company up and running.


2. Financial analysts provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions.  Some of their job functions include studying economic and business trends, evaluating current and historical financial data, examining companies’ financial statements to determine their value, and writing reports that explain their analyses. They can work in banking, pension funds, mutual funds, securities firms, insurance companies, and other businesses. 

Those looking to work as a financial analyst would need to earn as a minimum a bachelor’s degree in fields such as accounting, economics, finance, statistics, or mathematics. For advanced positions, employers often require a master’s degree in business administration or a master’s degree in finance. Many in the field also become certified financial analysts and employers often sponsor certification and licensing programs.

The median salary for a financial analyst is around $78,000 per year.  There are opportunities for upward mobility and higher pay associated with being a financial analyst. However, the job can be highly stressful as many analysts work approximately 50-70 hours per week. Much of their days are filled with telephone calls and meetings while their research is usually done after office hours.



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