Research and Psychology- Please include cited work


Find an article published within the last 6 years about any area of psychology - social psychology, personality, motivation, emotion, consciousness, facial recognition, mental disorders, psychological treatment, etc.  Use the ESC Library or another college library to search for psychology articlesDo not use Wikipedia,, Google, Goofle Scholar, etc. as your source.

  1. Read the article and in your own words, describe the study and its purpose in a paragraph or two.  Do not simply copy and paste the article abstract.  
  2. Include a hyper link to the article so others in class can read and comment too.
  3. Identify and describe what was the hypothesis or hypotheses being studied? 
  4. Identify and describe what research method(s) was used - observations in a lab, natural observations, surveys, case study, correlational study, experiment etc.? 
  5. What was the overall result of the study?
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