project 2


Due Week 3: Scope Statement 

Prepare a scope statement using either the model on pages 144-145 in the text as a template or the scope template in Doc Sharing. Remember to be tangible, measurable, and specific. Be sure to include all sections required in the Practitioner section of the Week 2 Lecture.


  • Project scope statement (in MS Word)




TABLE 5.2 Elements in a Comprehensive Statement of Work



Date Submitted


Revision Number


Project Name


Project Identification Number


SOW Prepared by:


  • 1. Description and Scope
    • a. Summary of work requested
    • b. Background
    • c. Description of major elements (deliverables) of the completed project
    • d. Expected benefits
    • e. Items not covered in scope
    • f. Priorities assigned to each element in the project
  • 2. Approach
    • a. Major milestones/key events anticipated












    • b. Special standards or methodologies to be observed
    • c. Impact on existing systems or projects
    • d. Assumptions critical to the project
    • e. Plans for status report updates
    • f. Procedures for changes of scope or work effort
  • 3. Resource Requirements
      • a. Detailed plan/rationale for resource needs and assignments



        Role and Rationale













    • b. Other material resource needs (hardware, software, materials, money, etc.)
    • c. Expected commitments from other departments in support
    • d. Concerns or alternatives related to staffing plan
  • 4. Risks and Concerns
    • a. Environmental risks
    • b. Client expectation risks
    • c. Competitive risks
    • d. Risks in project development (technical)
    • e. Project constraints
    • f. Overall risk assessment
    • g. Risk mitigation or abatement strategies
  • 5. Acceptance Criteria
    • a. Detailed acceptance process and criteria
    • b. Testing/qualification approach
    • c. Termination of project
  • 6. Estimated Time and Costs
    • a. Estimated time to complete project work
    • b. Estimated costs to complete project work
    • c. Anticipated ongoing costs
  • 7. Outstanding Issues
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