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After contemplating the class lecture on "Sacred Light" and after reviewing the following two James Turrell videos, complete the following memory  and writing exercises. 

Memory Exercise:  Close your eyes and recollect a special event in time triggered by light.  Recall the type of light; time of day; and the myriad of details associated with the event or place.  Use the following prompts to assist in recollecting as many details as possible.

Writing Exercise:  Write continuously for five minutes about the event and related chained memories.   After five minutes, review your work and upload it to bblearn--making little to no change in the content.  Proofread for mechanical errors, before uploading.  Double-spaced. One-page.


1. Where did the event take place?

2. When or what time of year or day was it?

3. What sounds, smells, tactile and visual details accompany the memory?

Video Links:   James Turrell: Second Meeting               James Turrell: PBS




assignment due: 12 hours from now.

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