Item Analysis Debate 

Anastasi and Urbina assert that item analysis employed properly may actually increase a test's reliability and validity even when the test is shortened from its original form. Debate this notion.
Include other scholarly resources other than those listed below with appropriate references and in-text citations. • Scholarly references should include in addition to [1. Anastasi, A., & Urbina, S. (1997). Psychological testing (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. 2. Costin, F. (1976). Difficulty and homogeneity of three-choice versus four-choice objective test items when matched for content of stem. Teaching of Psychology, 3(3), 144-146. 3. Hall, T. W., Reise, S. P. & Haviland, M. G. (2007). Research: An item response theory analysis of the Spiritual Assessment Inventory. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 17(2), 157-178. • Write in Third Person Scholarly writing: No quotes from Authors. Let your voice be heard and not reporting lecture back to me. Academic critical writing only. • Please expand your discussion and highlight other important theorists and theories where needed. • Introduction, and conclusion SHOULD be comprehensive and to include more main ideas and thoughts. In a paper of 1,200 words, present a brief debate of the notion that using item analysis allows tests to be shortened while reliability and validity are improved. Use the following format for your debate: 1. Overview of the issue 2. Arguments in favor 3. Arguments against 4. Conclusion

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