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I need somebody who is a specialist in essays to do an easy task. I had to do a descriptive essay in which I share with my audience a genre I have had difficulty with, why and how I used this genre and what this struggle means to me. You don’t need to write an essay you just have to do some corrections in the documents attached to the HW. The corrections you have to do are in the images attached to the HW where you can clearly see all the things you have to do. I wrote about research arguments and academic writing but the professor told me to change research arguments and academic writing to just ACADEMIC ESSAYS in general because I am very bad at writing. If you read the essay you can see that I tried to write it in chronological order.


-In the first paragraph I gave an introduction about me.


-In the second paragraph I talked about how I deal with this genre in elementary school and the consequences I had with this genre.


-In the third paragraph I wrote about how it was + the consequences in middle high school.


- in the fourth paragraph about how it was in my last years in high school.


-In the fifth paragraph how are the thing nowadays and how I am struggling with academic essays today.


The professor told me the paragraphs are only composed with a topic sentence and the consequences I had because of not being good at academic essays She told me that they should be composed by my topic sentence, the difficulties I had with the genre at that time + the consequences I had with the genre which are already in the essay. Basically what you have to do is to add the difficulties I had with the genre in each paragraph. By doing these you also have to change each topic sentence of each paragraph. The professor told me the topic sentences I had in the essay have to be more specific. (look the corrections so you can understand). The topic sentence of each paragraph have to include the difficulties and the consequences of the whole paragraph. (The topic sentences are highlighted in yellow) Not only that you also have to change the thesis statement after you change all the topic sentences. The thesis statement must relate to all the topic sentences. (thesis statement highlighted in blue) You can use the one I have in the essay as a base. After all of these please add a small conclusion where you include the thesis statement in other words and you summarize the whole essay in the conclusion. In the difficulties you have to add please.


-in elementary school put that I just did not dedicate to right time to the subject.


-in middle high school the same but plus that I had bad habits like being late to class because of being playing soccer in the school.


-in my last years of high school the same and include that I was not being responsible enough in that subject because is that something am not good at it I need to dedicate the double of time working on that compared to any other subject.


-In college invent one.




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