Empires of Asia questions

Create a word processing document titled "Empires of Asia." Copy the following questions to your document and answer in complete paragraphs (5 to 7 sentences). Be sure your answers are in your own words and not just copied from the reading
  1. List the mongol contributions in China and describe the Mongol influence on Chinese culture.
  2. Why did the Mongols distrust the Confucian scholar-officials in China?
  3. Describe Mongol rule in China.
  4. Compare the rule of the first Genghis Khan with Kublai Khan.
   VocabularyDefine each of the following terms in complete sentences.
  •       Ortogh
  •       Square Script
  •       Kamikaze
  •       Sedentary People
  •       Golden Horde 
  1. What is considered to be a major Japanese social value?
  2. How did rice growing affect development of Japanese culture?
  3. Identify and explain three major developments of the Kofun period.
  4. Explain the role of Buddhism in medieval Japan.
  5. What were the characteristics of "feudalism" in Japan?
  6. Describe the relationship between Shinto and Buddhism in Japan.
   VocabularyDefine each of the following terms in complete sentences.
  •       Shinto
  •       Rituryo
  •       Bakufu (2 meanings)
  •       Bushido
  •       Mandate of Heaven
  1. Explain the basic ideals of Confucianism and its role in Chinese society
  2. Describe the relationship between Confucianism and Buddhism in China.
  3. Describe the Silk Road. What was it? Why was it important?
  4. What do you consider the most important contribution of the Song Dynasty? Explain your choice.
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