Create another analogy for geological time.  Use it to relate the following major events in the history of life:

  1. The first bird.
  2. The first flying insect.
  3. The first eukaryotic life.
  4. The first life.
  5. First flowering plants.
  6. First land animals.
  7. First dinosaur.
  8. First human.
  9. First Jellyfish. 

Make sure that you are clear about how years (or millions of years) are represented in your analogy. You may not repeat an analogy that a classmate has used, so be sure to be creative! It may even be to your benefit to post early in the week. Your initial response to the discussion question should be answered by 11:59pm on Thursday night.

Once you have made an initial post, you should respond to two of your classmates by 11:59pm on Sunday night, correcting any misplaced events or clarifying the analogy for each of the events.

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