describing my ceramics project (1pg)

My idea of project:
What: Coral.
Why: I hope I could go diving and see the corals by myself but I can't. So  I would like to make a ceramic coral as my project.
How: Use coil building as the foundation base, and use some small slabs on the top. Some small decorations using modeling techniques.


Teacher comment:

That sounds great. However, I need to know why you long to dive to see coral. What is the significance of this desire? Why can't you dive to see it? There are many beautiful things in the world, why coral? Is there something about coral and coral reefs that weighs on your mind? In other words, is there a message you are trying to communicate? What is the scale of your project? How or where do you intend to display it; and why display it in such a manner? Simply making an object because it is pretty does not constitute a conceptual idea. It requires a thorough investigation of your inner most drive to create in conjunction with your choices in the creative process. So, give some thought to my questions and please respond with a complete write up of your concept. The write up is a large portion of the project grade. Oh, before I forget, there should be a title as well.
This is a good start.


Please according to the information and requirement above write a one page description of the ceramics project.

It's due in 6 hours.

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