Critical Analysis 3

  1. Review the Week 5 & 6 readings.
  2. From those readings, identify 3 or more factors which influence the cybersecurity industry. Use these factors as your points of discussion (points of analysis) in your critical analyses for each case study. Choose from the following list: 

    • Political-Legal factors (e.g. laws & regulations, cybercrime, cyber terrorism)
    • Economic factors (e.g. availability of trained workforce, discretionary income or profitability of purchasers, availability of venture capital or credit for business startups)
    • Socio-cultural factors (privacy concerns, pervasiveness of computers and digital devices, digital divide, “hacker” culture)
    • Technological factors (product lifecycles, cloud computing, Internet of Things)
    • Market Structure: horizontal (by product type) vs. vertical (by customer industry)
    • Offering Types: Products vs. Services

Write a critical analysis for each case study attached, using the points of analysis identified above (see the Discussion Rubric for additional requirements). Which means I need critical anaylsis for case study 1 and critical analysis for case study 2 seperately. Each can be 1 and a half pages each. All references must be included. Make sure you use the points of analysis on the attached Rubric. “Meaning you will be using the rubric to see if all requirements for the papers are met”. (PLEASE OPEN THE RUBRIC SO AS TO KNOW ALL IS INCLUDED COMPLETELY). Also, I have attached an example of how a critical analysis should be written. Please make sure you Follow that example. OPEN THE EXAMPLE. Please! Also it requires three references each, NO Plagiarized work pls. JUST MAKE SURE U OPEN THE RUBRIC. THANK YOU!



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