CMGT/445 Week 3 Individual: Implementation Plan

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Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Implementation Plan Template


Create an implementation plan, using an example from experience, a project you believe would be beneficial to your company or an example which would be beneficial to a start-up company or a project from the websites such as or a state RFP site.


Obtain instructor approval of the plan before beginning.   


Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Implementation Plan Template, ensuring, at a minimum a cover page is added along with the correct header format and reference section. Use the template to guide you through the creation of your plan focusing on the sections below as they are critical to a successful implementation.


Include the following within the text embedded in the template (90% of grade)

  • Business strategies for implementation, rationale and scope
  • What value will the implementation offer
  • Both technology- and human-based safeguards used for information systems
  • Information comparing security requirements of  out-sourcing and in-sourcing
  • Comparison of technical, user, and system training documentation
  • Timelines (embed a MS Project timeline example or use Excel similar to project and ensure task name, start and stop dates are included with any dependencies and resources) and the need for their accuracy

Include at least 3 to 5 references, including the textbook and course materials.

 (10% of the grade) the paper consistent with APA guidelines, to include and not be limited to a cover page with correct header and page formatting, along with correct citation and reference formats. Additional points to remember, watch the use of vague words like "this" and "it" - be specific with your writing; remember to use spell and grammar checker; ensure the use of commas, no run-on sentence, and avoid contractions; stay away from first person where possible; and finally remember the structure of a paragraph, a minimum of three sentences.

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    CMGT/445 Week 3 Individual: Implementation Plan

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