Select the Discussion page to the left and respond to the following question:

Training materials are essential to the successful implementation of most projects. Let's discuss how you would approach the creation of training materials based on the scenario below. Please respond to all of the following prompts:

  • Suppose that you designed a tutorial to train a person in the use of specific software or hardware such as a Web browser. 
    • What specific information would you want to know about the recipient of the training? 
    • How would that information affect the design of the training material?



    Lab Work


    Part 1: Data Storage and File Types

    Data storage design activities ensure that the system has the data saved and available to complete the mission of the system. Complete the following assignment:

    • In Systems Analysis and Design on page 374, complete the following: 
      • Under “Questions” complete: 
        • Question 1: "Describe the two steps to data storage design."
        • Question 4: "Name five types of files, and describe the purpose of each type."
        • Your assignment should be at least 1 full page.

    Part 2: Alternative Matrix

    Design alternatives have to be thoroughly considered. There must be a process to fairly evaluate the pros and cons of each option. Let’s look at how the alternative matrix can help facilitate the design decision through creation of our own alternative matrix. Complete the following assignment:

    • Using the “YOUR TURN”, 10-2 Program Specification problem on the top of page 339, complete the following: 
      • “Create a program specification for module, compute amount due, on the structure chart shown in Figure 10-13.”  
      • “On the basis of your specification, are there any changes to the structure chart that you would recommend?”
      • Your assignment should be at least 1 full page.

    Part 3: Test Plan

    Testing scenarios are absolutely critical to the successful implementation of a project. In this week's reading you learned about the importance of testing. Complete the following assignment:

    • Design a generic test plan that describes the testing for a system of your choice.
      • Your assignment should be at least 1 full page.

    Save your document(s) with a file name that includes your name, course code, section number, and title.

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