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    SUMMARY Experienced Software Engineer focused on the delivery of quality software solutions within budget and on time. Strong skills on Azure DevOps, QA, QC, Mobile and Web technologies in development, production, deployment and post-deployment of software. I am a visionary engineer driven by collaboration, passion, excellence and integrity. Current Training  Google Cloud Engineer/Architect certification (Compute, Storage, Networking, APIs) Technical Skills  Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps and the Azure stack  Compatibility, Security, Functional, Performance testing (Manual and Automation)  Frontend development (React, Angular, React Native)  Backend development (Node, Express, Django, Flask, Laravel)  Web services, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON (Design and application)  Databases development (MYSQL, MONGODB, REDIS)  Mobile development (Android, IOS-intermediate)  Programming (JavaScript, Python, PHP, JAVA, TYPESCRIPT)  Cloud (Heroku, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, App Engine and GCP)  Web development skills (H


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  • Homework due in 2 hours and half

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  • CIS242 Lab 1

    Received an F in grade. Incomplete working program. Contacted teacher twice about fixing program and no response. The program has syntax errors. It could not compile to produce the score and letter grade for each student from a data file.It requires further debug in the for loop.

  • CIS242 Lab 2

    Why is this guy giving me work that I pay for and all I get is an F grade. Program does not work properly. Unable to enter all of data because program goes into continuous loop and does not stop. Contacted teacher twice with no response. There is an infinite loop. After entering the seat, the program displays an infinite loop. Further work is needed to correct this issue.

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  • CIS

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  • CIS242 Lab 2

    A working program, but not fully meeting the requirements. Errors: The program should “read in a line consisting of student’s name, Social Security number, user ID, and password.” Your program should a line from keyboard, not using file I/O. Also, the built-in functions (Table 7-1 on pages 480-481) are not used (e.g. replace, find, and append) as stated in assignment instructions. For the display, the program requires to “outputs the string in which all the digits of the So

    profilei wrote the code following the requirements given. you are giving new requirements here.kindly revisit the instructions you gave me.
  • CIS242 Lab 1

    Note from professor stating why received a C. A running program, but the answers are incorrect. Errors: There is problem with entering income and combined income. Only combined income is needed. The program does not allow to enter the percentage of pension contribution. The tax amount is incorrect. Check the solution to see how the calculations are done:

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  • annotated UML class diagram design with two descriptive paragraphs
  • object-oriented design for the ordering system.

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  • spoke with person

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  • Programming Assignment

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  • FOR PMY 1733 ONLY

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  • Programming

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  • Computer Science Problem Solving Algorithm relatively easy lab

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  • FOR PMY 1733

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  • Java programming

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  • C++ assignments.

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  • Java programming

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  • Java programming

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  • Java programming

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  • Java programming1

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