CE420 Unit 5


Attending live Seminars is important to your academic success, and attendance is highly recommended. The Seminar allows you to review the important concepts presented in each unit, discuss work issues in your lives that pertain to these concepts, ask your instructor questions, and allow you to come together in real time with your fellow classmates. There will be a graded Seminar in Units 1 through 9 in this course. You must either attend the live Seminar or you must complete the Seminar alternative assignment in order to earn points for this part of the class.

The Cognitive and Language Domains

The Chapter 12 text reading describes how mastery of language skills affects learning in every developmental area. Consider that a child cannot engage in meaningful discussion if he/she cannot listen; cannot write a story if he/she cannot first tell a story; cannot read fluently if he/she has poor vocabulary skills; and cannot develop social/ emotional skills if he/she cannot communicate their thoughts/ feelings; etc. The earlier children are exposed to hands-on cognitive experiences, the more beneficial for the future. Implementing developmentally appropriate practices will help integrate activities across the curriculum.

For Seminar be prepared to discuss the following questions:

  1. How can early childhood professionals integrate language experiences across the curriculum?
  2. Describe some current trends in reading instruction and teaching strategies?
  3. What modifications/ adaptations/ accommodations to lesson plans will assist ESL (English as a Second Language) learners in developing social English language vocabulary skills?
  4. Identify a science experiment that you are interested in. Complete a search for Science Standards and explain what standards you found relate to this experiment.

Option 1: Participate in a synchronous Seminar discussion. You are strongly encouraged to fulfill your Seminar requirement through this option if possible. Many students find the Seminar very helpful because your instructor will clarify information and your classmates may pose questions that you also have about the material.

Option 2: Complete the Option 2 written assignment by answering the Seminar topics. Your responses should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 300–400 words in length. You should create your Seminar responses in MS Word making sure to follow APA format and cite all references used. Save your answers and submit them to the Unit 5: Seminar Dropbox. The Dropbox is located at the top of this class on the blue toolbar.

Be sure to complete all questions to earn your Seminar points. You are also strongly encouraged to review the Seminar transcript for gain the full educational benefit intended.


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