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  • Economics Bachelor’s degree Kenyatta University 1512201403583


    I'm an A.C.C.A, ex-banker by profession, and worked as an internal auditor at B.D.O (one of the top 10 audit firms, globally), and certified Financial Modeller. Besides, working as a business service provider for 7 years, and have completed numerous projects. I am associated with the business community so I adequately understand today's need. I am providing professional services in following areas: 1- Company Registration Process in U.S. 2- Accounting Standards Evaluation (I.F.R.S, I.A.S, A.A.S.B) 3- Business Analysis 4- Pivot table 5- What If Analysis 6- Goal Seek 7- Business Valuation (F.C.F, P/E Ratio, B.S.O.P etc.) 8- Financial Modelling (Excel Expert) 9- Accounting tasks 10- Audit (I.S.A) 11- Financial Analysis 12- Finance I charge reasonable so that we make good long term relationship. Thank You

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    • Fields Of Study: Economics