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  • Engineering and technology Bachelor’s degree Dedan Kimathi University of Technology 5142


    We are a team of professional engineers and developers, running a service-based startup called Deep Neural Labs. Where we work on Electrical, Robotics, Software, Apps, AI, and AR-based Projects and Products. We have worked with hundreds of Companies, Entrepreneurs,s and Individuals around the globe. Here is the list of things that we can help you with: Design Electric Circuit for your project Design a complete project Design a full-fledged commercial product Provide you with BOM (Bill of material) and BOQ (Bill of quantity). Assist you with your ongoing Electrical Project. Help/Assist you with your idea coming to life. Help you solve common electrical problems.

    • Course: Electrical Engineering
    • Institute: University of Texas at Tyler - Tyler, TX
    • Fields Of Study: Electrical Engineering

    Calculus 1,2,3 Ordinary Differential Equations Partial Differential Equations

    • Course: Mathematics
    • Institute: University of Texas at Tyler - Tyler, TX
    • Fields Of Study: Calculus

    CHEM 3321 Physical Chemistry I CHEM 3471 Advanced Chemical Synthesis Laboratory CHEM 3472 Instrumental Analysis BIOL 3361/ CHEM 3361 Biochemistry I CHEM 4335 Polymer Chemistry CHEM 3341 Inorganic Chemistry I CHEM 3322 Physical Chemistry II

    • Course: Chemistry
    • Institute: University of Texas at Tyler - Tyler, TX
    • Fields Of Study: Physical chemistry


    • Course: Research papers and Capstone Projects
    • Institute: Swansea University UK
    • Fields Of Study: Social Science

    Analog and Digital Communication Signal Processing Using Matlab Digital Filter Design Microwave Communication Engineering Mathematics Power Electronics Control Engineering Circuit and Network Theory Instrumentation Electromagnetics Electrical Energy Systems

    Online MATLAB Classes

    Calculus I Calculus II Calculus III Calculus IV Complex Analysis

    • Course: Calculus
    • Institute:
    • Fields Of Study: Engineering

    PHYS 301 Analytical Mechanics I (3) PHYS 311 Electromagnetism I (3) PHYS 365 Experimental Physics I (2) PHYS 375 Quantum Physics I (3) PHYS 389 Mathematical Methods in Physics I (3) PHYS 431 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (4) PHYS 493 Physics and Astronomy Colloquium (1)

    • Course: Physics
    • Institute: University of Nairobi
    • Fields Of Study: Physics


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