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  • Computer science Bachelor’s degree Havard university  2


    i can handle all computer science related work, business essays, sociology essays, psychology and literature work perfectly.


4.2 (4)
  • Literacy in Middle School

    I paid fifty dollars for a well written paper. A paper that should have gotten me a passing grade at least, however I got and F

    profilehello squirrel, you did the first 20 pages and you told me to add another 15 pages. i told you that the first 20 pages were not properly written so that i could do all the work but you insisted on adding the 15 pages. i wish i could have tackled the whole paper, i believe you could have a good grade.
  • Professionalism as an Educator
    profilethank you am humbled
  • Computer and system

    This is my second time using him and my assignment was due in 45 mins and he was able to complete my assignment a little over i wasnt chargexd extra for short noitice but very grateful for his assistance i will be using him again for sure

    profilethank you
  • Computer and system

    Easy to communicate,great work, finished ahead of time, very nice, will be using again cant wait to see my grade

    profilethank you Dantra