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      As it is my duty to diligently provide professional and reliable educational services to students, I will do it with zeal and vigor. My mode of teaching will focus on development of skills in students that will be essential in their future lives.

      ★★★★★Highly experienced in Marketing and Communication, Nursing, Sociology and Psychology, Religious studies and Philosophy, History, Criminal Justice, Stats and Economics, Business and Finance, Accounting, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Music and Arts, Theater and Filming, English & Literature, Geography, Art work analysis; Research Proposals and Thesis Dissertations among others. CONTACT ME for EXCEPTIONAL AND OUTSTANDING A++++ papers ★★★★★

      English and Literature, American History and Old civilization.

      Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Correctional Management and Leadership.

      • Fields Of Study: Law

      Highly experienced in Business Finance, Accounting, Administration, Actuary, Management and Risk Assessment

      Literature, Article reviews, Film and Theater, Book reviews, Narratives etc..A++++! Check my reviews.

      Calculus, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics for science and business etc. Online class! A++ FOR each class!

      Urban Science and Planning, Architecture, Surveying, Landscape Arch, Quantity surveying, Construction Management, Civil Engineering. Highly skilled.

      Biology, Environmental science and chemistry, climate change management, environmental law, policies and legislation, environmental planning and management etc

      Mechanical, Electrical and Energy, Telecommunications, Civil, Mechatronic, GIS/ remote sensing, Computer sci etc