Prof Musau. K

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  • English Writing Bachelor’s degree University of Nairobi  Cid/543-12/17
  • Languages and literature Bachelor’s degree University of Nairobi  Cid/543-12/17
  • Engineering and technology Bachelor’s degree Codeinn College of Engineering  Cid/543-12/17


    ★★★★★ I have high experience in proofreading, writing, personal statements ,copy-editing as well academic writing.The fields I specialize in include;★★★★★ a)Medical Papers and reports ★★★★★ b)law Papers and reports ★★★★★ c)Psychological Papers d)Application Letters, Curriculum Vitae and Resumes.★★★★★ e)Android Software Development Using Java. ★★★★★ f)Essays and blogs ★★★★★ g)Newsletters and Websites ★★★★★ My eagle eye for detail,well organised work and proficient lingual abilities is exactly what you'll need. I have six years experience in the writing sector where I work on everything from 100 word blogs to 100,000-word books. I began my career working as a part time journalist on a wide range of newspapers magazines and broadcasters before joining the Freelancing community.I have worked with many clients all over the world including a variety of businesses,charities and publications. Lets link up and get you the best skills you could possibly ask for.

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ CodeInn May 2018- present Java • Android architecture, rapid prototyping and production level designing of android applications in Java. USSD Applications DevOps Engineering • Continuous development, integrations, monitoring and deployment of Android applications. Backend / PHP (Database) • Creation of dynamic web applications and deployment to the IBM / Oracle / Microsoft / Amazon cloud – Database Design (Data Science) Design, query and management of databases. Application of database query languages (SQL) and data security best practices. – Design of dynamic web applications powered by powerful PHP frameworks.

    Performed lab tests by using HPLC, GC, FTIR, AA and UV-VIS instruments ; wet chemistry techniques such as titration, ph/conductivity, Karl, Fischer and TLC. Participated in team involving R&D experiments, qualitative and quantitative analysis, extraction, distillation and titration. Validate and maintain laboratory equipment as needed; Daily lab reporting, assisted in product documentation and filling Performed in-process QC testing for trial batches of tablets and capsules; issued rejection of batches. Maintained manufacturing documents as per cGMP requirements.


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