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  • Biology Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • Agriculture and agricultural sciences Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • Sociology Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • English Writing Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • History Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • Medicine and health sciences Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • Philosophy Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • Political science Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6
  • Psychology Bachelor’s degree University of Central Punjab  35201-3084332-6


    The grip on medical knowledge, have experience of diet charts and nutrition required for a body, I have Extensive composition Aptitudes in Health Sciences; Nursing, Psychology, Biology, Healthcare, English, World history, HRM, Business Management, and Marketing Essays. I have ALL the Necessary materials, Peer-Reviewed sources required to submit HIGH QUALITY and ORIGINAL work. I have Delivered Exemplary work in the past in Research, Case studies, Powerpoint slides with Speaker Notes. My Rates are Pocket Friendly and my Commitment Remains Unrivaled.

    Highly experienced in Marketing and Communication, Nursing, Sociology and Psychology, Religious studies and Philosophy, History, Criminal Justice, Stats and Economics, Business and Finance, Accounting, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Music and Arts, Theater and Filming, English & Literature, Geography, Artwork analysis; Research Proposals and Thesis Dissertations among others. CONTACT ME for EXCEPTIONAL AND OUTSTANDING A++++ papers

    Essays, articles, speech, content writing, can make assignments regarding English literature. Can write upto the maximum length of essays as I am having three years of experience in teaching English in different institutes.

    I can help you in Discrete Mathematics a lot. If you have a problem in Logic, Set Theory, Number Theory, Combinations, Finite Mathematics, Algorithms ... Feel free to contact me.

    I can help you with programming. If you're facing problems in C++, Java, Python, Assembly Language, I can assist you and can help to improve your concepts.

    I can help you with Algebra, Linear Algebra concepts, and many more.

    I can help you in Calculus, Multi-Variables Calculus Numerical Computations, and many more.