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  • Biology Bachelor’s degree Moi university(undergraduate) 4th year
  • Biology Bachelor’s degree Moi university(undergraduate) 4th year
  • Biology Bachelor’s degree Moi university(undergraduate) 4th year
  • History Associate's degree Koibeyon Highschool


    In biology, I have studied,rsearch and done several assignments in units such as: invertebrate zoology,vertebrate zoology,cellbiology,general botany,development biology and physiology,general genetics,development biology and physiology in plants,systematics and plant taxonomy,environmental physiology,animal physiology,biostatistics,advanced ecology,plant physiology and biochemistry,general microbiology,advanced genetics,entomology and parasitology and economic botany.

    During my chemistry course study, I have studied, research and did assignments on: fundamental of chemistry,introduction to analytical chemistry,introduction to kinetic and thermodynamics,organic chemistry,basic analytic chemistry,atomic structure and bonding,organic chemistry(II), thermodynamics and equilibria,chemistry education,electrochemistry,biochemistry,biomolecues and society,surface and colloid chemistry,organic synthesis,and chemistry of s&p block elements.

    In my psychology study course, I have covered and research on the following units: General education psychology,quantitative techniques,education guidance and counseling,humangrowth and development,

    Educational units that I have covered and done assignments: introduction to learners with special needs,computers and management of information in education,phylosophy of education,character education and integrity,principle practice of teaching,communication skills,history of education,education media and resources,curriculum development,general methods of teaching,educational planning,educational research,educational media practice and microteaching,research project,environmental education and education administration and management

    Topics covered in highschool diploma:work war1&2,indusrial revolution,d development of trade,agriculture,transport&communication,urbanization,cold war,social,political&economic development in the world, nationalism in the world,contribution of Africa and world leaders,colonial rule,system of administration in the world,electoral process in the world,french revolution,islamic civilisation


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