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      I AM AN EXPERT IN Statistics, Statistical Analysis Using SPSS and STATA, ANOVA Models, Test of Hypothesis and all relevant areas related to Probability and Statistics. Interpretation of Data Analysis, Regression Models, Chi-Square Analysis, Students-t distribution Analysis, Z-score Interpretation  Probability and Statistics I, II, III and IV . Plus I, have 4 years of experience of working with pearsonmylab and mastering, Pearson, Wiley plus, and ales. I have SPSS software for stat work and, I can do all kind of Linear programming in excel. I have all tools of c#, visual studio, Mat lab and python I'm also a creative writer specializing in writing research papers, assignments and articles. I have vast experience in writing and have completed more than two thousand assignments. I guarantee you timely, quality, informative and perfect work that is plagiarism free: My prices are flexible My fields of expertise include; 1. Information Technology 2. Business Information. 3. Finance. 4. Nursing. 5. Human Resou


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