Jack Paul




  • Earth and space sciences Bachelor’s degree University of Eldoret  15011532
  • Earth and space sciences Bachelor’s degree University of Eldoret  15011532


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    Management is my core area of specialization, whereby I have some experience under voluntary works. In addition, I have concentrated my energy on other accounting aspects, such as computer and software management, software development, and social relations at the workplace.

    1. My most valuable and notable achievement in the last 12 months is attaining good command over communication and listening skills. 2. Created financial audit reports that revealed the loss of funds in the previous projects Managed to wipe out all the ghost workers Increased the number of beneficial students 3. Earned recognition from the founders of the Aurora Group as a Champion for Change 4. Created new Payroll Register for all the qualified staff members 5. Investigated and resolved all financial disputes between the staff and the management 6. Brought in more benefactors in to the group to facilitate more student intake 7. Initiated new projects in the school from the recovered funds. 8. CPA qualifications to engage in commerce duties and roles.

    • Institute: Adelphi University - Garden City, NY
    • Fields Of Study: Accounting

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