Asma Rahim

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  • Computer science Bachelor’s degree Liverpool university  90%
  • Engineering and technology Master’s degree Quaid-i-Azam university 02071111016
  • History Bachelor’s degree California state university 90%
  • Languages and literature Bachelor’s degree California state university 90%
  • Law Bachelor’s degree California state university 90%
  • Philosophy Bachelor’s degree California state university 90%
  • Political science Bachelor’s degree California state university 90%
  • Sociology Bachelor’s degree California state university 90%
  • Engineering and technology Doctoral Degree Herriot-Watts University 90%


    Hi I am a technical and professional writer currently and previously worked with many USA based universities and their research students, and experts and professionals. Currently I have done work with universities like Roehampton university, Liverpool university, strayer university, Kentucky university, Adam State university, Forensic university, New Mexico state university, Stanford university, Indiana state university, bartonline college, baker university, Purdue university, Hartford university, Irvine valley college, Lawrence technical college, California state university, Bakersfield, Virginia commonwealth university, Ivy Tech university, Fresno state college, university of west Florida and many others. All the work I have done with these institutes is highly professional and technical writing based.


    please contact me for data mining, data science, machine learning, deep learning, c++, java, Python, HTML and andriod based tasks


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